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Department of Molecular Biotechnology

The Department is committed to the development and application of new and leading-edge tools to explore problems at the frontiers of biology and medicine. This unique department brings together scientists in mathematics, chemistry, engineering and computer science with those in biology and medicine.

Site Summary

Computing & Networking - Computing information for the Department.

Educational Outreach - Outreach program's homepage.

Faculty & Associates - A listing of Faculty and Associates.

Graduate Studies - A resource for both current and prospective graduate students in the Department.

Information - Key administrative contacts, location of the department, and other useful information.

Seminars & News - Index of upcoming and previous seminars, in addition to news pertaining to the department.


The Department is part of the School of Medicine at the University of Washington in Seattle, Washington:

[The K-Wing]

* Located primarily in the H & K wings of the Health Sciences Complex.
* Excellent research facilities for cellular, protein, and DNA analysis.
* Extensive computer and library resources.

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