printf and scanf format codes

Code Format
%c character
%s character string
%d decimal integers
%i decimal integers
%f floating pointer number (printf)
%lf floating pointer number (scanf)
%e scientific notation (with lower case e)
%E scientific notation (with upper case E)
%g the shorter of %f and %e
%G the shorter of %f and %E
%u unsigned decimal integer
%o unsigned octal number
%x unsigned hexadecimal number (with lower case letters)
%X unsigned hexadecimal number (with upper case letters)
%p pointer
%% print %

Control codes

\n start a new line
\t tab
\0 end of character string
\" print "
\' print '
\? print ?
\\ print \
\b backspace
\r carriage return
\v line feed
\f form feed