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*  Program: RefComp                                                           *
*  Version: 2.0                                                               *
*  Copyright (C) 1998                                                         *
*  by Deborah A. Nickerson,  Natali Kolker, Scott Taylor,  and Mark Rieder    *
*  University of Washington                                                   *
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1)	Make sure consed 4.0 or 5.0 is installed on your system.

2)	Type 'cd example/edit_dir'

3) 	Type 'consed'

4)	Select the ace file 'example.fasta.ace' and the contig 'Contig1'.
5) 	The aligned reads window pops up.  Make sure that the color mode
	is 'Color means quality and tags'.

6)	Mismatches are tagged with the 'polymorphism' tag 
	(default color is slate blue).

7)	Go to the 'Navigate' menu and select 'Tags'.  Select 'polymorphism'
	to navigate by polymorphism tag.

8)	Hit 'Go' to advance the aligned reads to the position of the first
	putative heterozygote.  Use 'Prev' and 'Next' to navigate by 

9)	Examples of real mismatches
        are at unpadded positions: 87, 772, 2756, 4101, 4317.
	Notice :
	Each mismatch site has been tagged if quality value in corresponding
        consensus sequence  position is above Phrap quality 20.

10)	Click on a read and base of interest with the second mouse button
	to view the sequence data.

11)	Quit consed.


1)	Install refcomp(see README and INSTALL)

2)	Create the following directory structure in your working directory


3)	Move your chromats into 'chromat_dir'

4)	Change directory into 'edit_dir'

4)	Type 'phredPhrapRef [basename]' 
        phredPhrap [basename] and after that refcomp.

5)	Run consed.