If you already ran phredPhrap or phredPhrepPoly scripts,
	you can run PolyPhred or Polytool.
1)	Polytool is graphical interface for running PolyPhred.
	Polytool write output into polyphred_output file.
2)      For running Polytool you need to put polyphred version 3.5 to one
	of the directories, listed in PATH variable. To check wich are 
	those directories you shold type:
	    echo $PATH.
	Also you need to have Motif libraries installed on your
	computer. If Motif libraries are not located in /usr/lib before 
	running polytool you should type  :
	   setenv LD_LIBRARY_PATH  library_path 
	For example, if they are located in /usr/Motif/lib yoy type:
	   setenv LD_LIBRARY_PATH  /usr/Motif/lib