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MBT Computing & Networking

Contact Information

The Computing Facilities Managment group (CFM) may be reached by the following means:

* Email:
* Phone: Richard Bond (206) 605-3561.
* Phone: Jeremy Mates (206) 221-4714.
* Physical: Health Sciences Building, K-Wing, 3rd Floor, Room K-351.

Problems with UW computers (e.g. Homer, Dante) should be addressed to, though you should review the C&C Frequently Asked Questions page first as your question may already have an answer.

Getting Started

This section is for new users who need access to computing resources the department has to offer.

  1. Obtain a UW NetID.

UW NetID's have no influence on accessing MBT resources. However, a UW NetID gives you a email address, which will last for your entire stay at the UW. This is important if you end up changing departments. Also, your MBT User Account can then be setup with the same User ID so you do not have to remember two different login names.

Disadvantages of a UW NetID is that your login name of choice may already be taken, given the large number of users on the UW serves.

  1. Obtain a MBT User Account.

A MBT account allows you to access certain departmental computing resources, depending on which group you are associated with. Check with your supervisor as to what resources you will need access to in addition to the usual central computing services.

Currently, the best way of getting an account is by sending email to


Internal help pages: information accessible only to members of the Department and people inside the UW.

Mailing Lists

The department maintains several mailing lists. Instructions on how to join or leave are also included on the mailing list page.


External Sources of Information maintained here for easy reference:

* Apple Machine Specifications Database
* Apple Software Updates
* Apple Technical Info Library
* CIAC Internet Hoaxes
* SunSolve Online
* UW C&C Computing & Networking
* UW Directory (LDAP) services
* UW Site Licenses (software)

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