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What is AFS? AFS is the proposed future file storage system for the Nickerson Lab. This system provides superior security to NFS, unifies passwords, home directories and should provide superior performance. We need something more scalable than NFS because of our large project directories. Too much time is spent shuffling gigabytes of data between different computers and directories. Finding desired files and data has become too much of a headache under the current systems. AFS will place all of our data under a single directory tree which will be available from all Unix, Linux, Macintosh and Windows computers. Backups will also become fully-automated, less painful and make full use of the departmental tape silo robots.

OpenAFS Website

AFS Directory Permissions HOWTO (using ACL's)

How to Add a Client Computer to Our AFS Cell

How to Add a User to Our AFS Cell

How We Backup Our AFS Cell

Everyday AFS Commands

Created by Eben Calhoun, April 21, 2003.