AFS File Permissions...

File permissions in AFS are determined by an Access Control List (ACL) which exists for each directory in an AFS volume. Permissions are not set by file, so the 'chmod' Unix command is not going to do what one would like it to. One needs to use the 'fs' command.

'fs' is the fileserver command in AFS. 'fs' allows one to give instructions to AFS. If you are the owner of a volume or directory, or have administration rights on a directory, you can modify the ACL.

To see what the ACL is for a directory:

To let group 'nickers' write to /afs/nickerson/prediction:

To remove access for user 'borrisbadanov' from /afs/nickerson/topsecret:

To add read/write access for user 'bullwinkle' to /afs/nickerson/topsecret:

There are several access control permissions:

Here are some decent tips:

Created by Eben Calhoun, November 29, 2003.