To Set up a Printer for Linux: 1. Become root. 2. Type control-panel on the command line. 3. Go to the printer configuration icon. - Choose 'Add' to configure a new printer - Choose 'Remote Unix (lpd) Queue' - Note: To setup a new printer, you should email the departmental system administrator and get the queue name for the printer you want to set up. Common ones we use are: vivid (duplex color printer) nickhp4050n (K316 hp printer) dnickhp5 (debbie' office printer) 4. Enter 'Name' from the list above or what was given to you from the system administrator. 5. The spool directory is /var/spool/lpd/'Name' (from above step) 6. The remote hose is 7. The remote queue is the 'Name' 8. In the printer config menu, choose 'lpd' 9. Restart lpd 10. Perform a test print: In the tests menu, select -Print ASCII test page -Print postscript test page 11. To set this printer as your default, you must modify your .cshrc file. Type: setenv PRINTER <printername> in your .cshrc file and don't forget to source it after saving!!